Optical Testing

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Singer Laboratories uses intraocular lens (IOL) measuring systems built by The Pilot Group which conform to ISO 11979-2:2014 and are maintained with A2LA accredited calibrations.

Our equipment can measure monofocal, bi- and trifocal, multifocal, toric, refractive, diffractive, and EDOF (extended depth of focus) lenses.


Singer Labs routinely provides in-house machining of custom holders to accommodate the geometry of any customer supplied lenses.

We can perform measurements on batches if single lenses up to production batches of hundreds or thousands of lenses if necessary.

Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)


MTF can be measured at any angle to a tolerance of ±0.03.

Effective Focal Length(EFL) / Back Focal Length (BFL)


EFL can be measured at any angle to a tolerance of ±0.25% for lenses with focal lengths from 10mm to 100mm, and from -100mm to 300mm with appropriate auxiliary optics installed.  Singer Labs can assist in the design of appropriate optical elements to perform measurements on any intraocular lens design. 


Environmental Testing

Thermal Shock


Temperature range from +273°C to -73°C in under 60 seconds, chamber envelope: 24" x 20" x 20".


Thermal Cycling


Temperature range from +273°C to -73°C.


Temperature Aging


Temperature range from +273°C to -73°C.  Shelf life testing and accelerated aging commonly performed per the Arrhenius equation.




Up to 99.9% relative humidty from +95°C to -65°C with humidity, higher temperatures with uncontrolled humidity. Continuous temperature and humidity monitoring.




Mechanical Testing

Tension & Compression


Test to failure as well as mechanical load cycling, up to 5,000 lbf with continuous data logging.  Design and fabrication services for custom test fixtures available. Custom test setups available for forces greater than 5,000 lbs and for extremely low forces for testing of fragile materials.  Our custom load cycling fixtures have exceeded 1,000,000 cycles!




Have a new product without a recognized standard?  Singer Laboratories has the ability to design and fabricate test fixtures as well as create custom test plans for your new product.  We have an extremely capable engineering staff, an onsite machine shop, and extensive mechanical and electrical fabrication capabilities that can accomadate all of your testing needs.